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First Moon Circles are playful and holistic menstrual education workshops which prepare, educate, and celebrate children aged 9-12 at a very important time of their lives.

As trained menstrual educators, our facilitators support children and their families to experience their Menarche (first period) as a sacred rite of passage, which
empowers the children for life.

Nicole Dargie - First Moon Circle Facilitator in Sydney AUS

about first moon circles


  • What puberty and periods are, so children understand how and why their feelings, bodies, and awareness develops at this major developmental milestone.
  • How to care for their physical body, emotions, moods, skin, thoughts and spiritual selves as they approach their first period, then afterwards, in each of the four different phases of their menstrual cycle.
  • How to choose the right period products for them based on their preferences, needs and lifestyle, including how to use them, and how to care for their body and the Earth.
  • How to get support from friends and asking for help at home and school, so children feel confident to express their needs and advocate for themselves and each other #sisterhood.
  • Learning what’s normal for tween and teens during puberty and adolescence, so parents and child know when to get help, and learn tools and knowledge to support their hormone and menstrual health.
  • Experiencing their periods as something sacred and magical, as the true Rite of Passage that it is, where children are supported and guided through a major transition with love and care. 

first moon circles go above and beyond what's missing in mainstream school education. we are on a mission to heal menstrual shame and create period-positive cultures and communities to nourish, empower and transform the lives of future generations to come.

As a community, our facilitators are passionate about:

  • Normalising positive conversations about periods,
  • Promoting inclusion for all people to feel safe and able to have a period,
  • Healing the damage caused by menstrual shame which has been passed down the generations, and
  • Hosting safer spaces for all young people to be able to be their authentic selves, and experience the power of healthy sisterhood.
Discover our globally recognised, award-nominated Facilitator Training course and join our growing global sisterhood of holistic youth menstrual educators!
Charlotte Pointeaux - Founder of First Moon Circles hosting her circle in Southern Highlands NSW AUS

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Discover why celebrating a girls rite of passage to womanhood is so essential to her health, happiness and success.

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