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gifting wisdom, confidence, self-love and a lifetime of self-respect

First Moon Circles are a beautiful, empowering alternative to traditional period education featuring craft, conversations and a special parent-daughter celebration. 
These sacred, beautiful, love-filled and most important of all FUN space for young girls and people identifying as female* to gather in circle to receive knowledge and tools to start their periods with ease, flow (pardon the pun!) and comfort.
The benefit of celebrating menarche as a rite of passage ripples out across whole lifetimes, and generations far into the future.
Give the gift of empowerment to your loved child.

About what we do

What is a First Moon Circle?

First Moon refers to a person’s very first period – their menarche. 


A First Moon Circle is a group education and celebration of this very important and powerful rite of passage. 



Whether they have started their period, hasn’t bled yet, or if any of their friends have – this is the perfect opportunity for girls to feel proud, gain knowledge, become empowered and know how to support themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually as they enters womanhood.

What happens at a First Moon Circle?

First Moon Circles are split into 2 parts:

Part 1: children only session

We start with a 2h experience just for the group to come together, have fun, be silly, make new friends, and learn accurate information about what’s happening to their physical body, as well as their emotional and spiritual selves as they approach and encounter menarche (the first period, or first moon).
Here First Moon attendees learn about:
  • What periods and puberty are, what happens during this stage of development and what they can expect to notice, sense and feel within their body and emotions,
  • An introduction to the female body, hormones, and the reproductive system,
    Introduction to Cycle Awareness (remember, the period is just 1 part of a 4 stage cycle!) and how our energy, superpowers and needs change across the month,
  • Introduction to self-care for their cycle (a couple of examples include: why rest is important, why its ok if suddenly they might feel a bit cranky and how to nurture themselves through the pre-menstrual phase),
  • Body and earth friendly period product options and a chance to play with different options,
  • And they can ask me any and all awkward, embarrassing, curious questions they’ve not felt able to ask yet.

Part 2: mothers join for a celebration

A celebratory afternoon tea where Mums/Nanas/Carers are invited to join us to share what the girls have discovered, whilst the elders are invited to share positive guidance and beautiful wishes they have for the girls in their lifetime.
Here the intentions are to:
  • Role model that it is possible to talk openly about periods and puberty amongst friends and adults,
  • Give the parents an opportunity to affirm the positive learning and experience, and to encourage the girls to be able to talk to them about personal topics,
  • Parents share wisdom with everyone present, which helps the girls feel supported and remember that they are not alone, and that all womxn before them have been through the same experience.
  • Girls share what they have learned with the adults which will no-doubt offer you new knowledge yourself!
  • To celebrate a very special time in a person’s life – and to frame the natural process as normal, healthy, magical, and a time a girl meets her power. ​​

how do participants benefit from going to a First Moon Circle?

First Moon Circles are absolutely overflowing with value:

Each participant will leave feeling more confident and empowered through greater knowledge, understanding and acceptance of what’s to come, and how powerful, important, special and transformational this phase of their life is.
Parents and participants are supported to open up conversations to discuss periods and puberty (and who knows what else!) afterwards, having been held in the safe space of circle where this talk is safe and normalised.
If friends attend together, then they gain the added benefit of sisterhood, having this shared experience to refer back to, and to share wisdom with their other friends.  
Parents are also supported to learn this wisdom alongside their daughter, feel safe and heard and be guided with tools and language to support their child. 
And often, mothers are able to heal a part of their own relationship to their menarche and menstruation, through giving their child the support they wish they’d had as a child, and learning about their own cycles.

Participants receive beautiful, thoughtfully curated and generous gifts included with their place.

Each facilitator curates their own gift bag featuring self-care items, precious reminders of the day and sample products, with each person receiving as standard:
  • A copy of the ‘First Moon Guide’ – a keepsake 22 page resource full of fact sheets, guide to self-care for the cycle and a beginner cycle tracking sheet. Both mum and daughter will learn a lot from this!
  • A gift bag and / or Moon Pack (a combination of sanitary samples, and fabulous self-care items to support her emotionally, physically and spiritually).
  • Celebratory tea for both child and parent is included.

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