Stacey Eifermann – Diamond Creek, Victoria, AUS

Hi I’m Stacey, I am a mum, a school teacher, certified Youth Mentor and First Moon Circle Facilitator.

My passion for empowering and inspiring young people along with the love of travel and adventure has taken me around the world, mentoring and supporting girls at a U.S.A Summer Camp, teaching at a Cambodia Montessori school and completing part of my university degree working with youth at local schools in Timor-Leste.

Red Sisters was born from this deep desire to empower girls and the women around them. Red Sisters offers special experiences to CONNECT. EMPOWER & SELF-LOVE, while instilling the value of self-care and sisterhood.

In particular, teaching girls (and the mums) all about the magic of our menstrual cycle comes from a deep passion for promoting and building self-esteem, “I believe when we learn about our menstrual cycle, we empower ourselves with knowledge, confidence and pride. I believe embracing our menstrual cycle can be an empowering, special and fun experience’.

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Zarine Bharda – Gujarat India

My favourite thing to do is turning passion into purpose. I’m a mother of four adventurous children, where empowering them in their lives is only a part of my days work. As a woman we need to ensure our cups are full, and the way I’ve done that is by fulfilling my purpose through founding The Belly and Beyond, and co-founding AromaMa – both companies empower women and children of all ages to come back to Mother Nature and our voices within.

As a certified yoga practitioner and women’s wellness coach, I am committed to education and empowering women through a variety of holistic therapies, including yoga, essential oils, nutrition, and diving deep to find that emotional connection which in turn empowers growth. I facilitate women throughout their pregnancy to begin nurturing and celebrating their own and their child’s rite of passage – beginning in the womb, and then continuing on at every stage of their lives.

It’s an honour for me to hold space for young girls and women of all ages to experience the power within themselves.

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How to pick the right period care product for you and your child.

There are so many period care products on the market these days, and not all of them are as healthy and safe as the others, so it can be a bit unsettling trying to work out where the best place to start is nowadays. From pads and liners, to tampons, to moon cups and period pants, there is a lot to choose from. So how do you know what to look for?

We’ve listed out the different options on the market, how to use them safely. Plus we’ve shared the pros and cons for each, and explained why earth and body friendly products are definitely the best.

panty liners and pads

Fabric pads and panty liners are placed inside your underwear, on top of the undercarriage, to absorb your menstrual blood during your period. Panty liners are thin versions of pads which can be used when you have very light blood flow, and pads often come in different absorbances for light, medium, heavy and night flow. Choose the right one for you at each stage of your period. It’s useful to keep some of each size ready for when you need them.

You can use either disposable pads which usually come wrapped in plastic and must be removed before you use it. When your pad is full of blood, remove it and place it in the bin taking care not to flush them down the toilet!

Lisa Buckley – New Preston, CT, USA

Lisa Buckley is an accomplished professional puppeteer and puppet builder with over 25 years of experience. She has worked on countless stage productions, films and TV shows including Alf, Men in Black, The Muppets, and Sesame Street where she performed Betty Lou along with a wide variety of other program characters. Her talent has brought her to humanitarian aid hotspots including Cambodia, Kenya, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, and Iraq while working with No Strings International, an NGO that delivers life-saving workshops and films to children in crisis around the world.

Making learning come alive with puppetry, Lisa has led and facilitated educational programs that focus on a variety of youth impact issues including gender equality, stigma, trauma, and hygiene. She is currently working on a Menstrual Hygiene Management program for girls ages 9-12 in underdeveloped nations.

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Erin Rohr – Detroit, Michigan, USA

Erin Elise is a cyclical living guide in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Her passions lie in educating women and girls all about Menstrual Cycle Awareness and synching their lives with their inner rhythms. She is a social worker, First Moon Circle Facilitator and soon-to-be certified Menstrual Cycle Coach.

Beth Moxon – East Sussex, England

Beth Moxon is a cyclical living guide in East Sussex, England. Beth is a qualified secondary school teacher and has taught in London for many years. She now trains teachers and work with different secondary schools in Ashford, Kent. Beth is a certified Cycle Coach and First Moon Circle facilitator and has extensive experience holding space for young people and adults. She is highly skilled and knowledgeable in all things menstruality related and can’t wait to share her passion and knowledge by running local First Moon Circles. She has two little daughters who keep me busy during the times when she’s not thinking about periods!

To enquire about a circle with Beth, you can find out more information and contact her at:

Jess van Groningen – Goulburn, NSW, AUS

Jess is a certified First Moon Circle facilitator and Youth Mentor. She is the founder of Girl Tribe Goulburn and currently runs wellbeing programs in schools, holiday workshops and retreats for girls in her local community. Jess is passionate about empowering the next generation of women by weaving in her own experience and the various skills she has learnt along the way into the work she does. As a life-long learner, Jess has a background in early childhood education, animal behaviour and training, vet nursing and more recently has completed training in holistic counselling, feminine embodiment, gestalt psychotherapy, eco-therapy and animal assisted therapy. Jess is passionate about the natural world and living an embodied life in-sync with nature. From her property, on Gundungarra Country, she actively cultivates deep connections with the land and animals that surround her. Jess brings this deep connection to nature into her work with others by co-creating safer spaces where folks can be heard, seen and supported.

Brooke Tumbers – Toowoomba, QLD, AUS

Brooke Tumbers is a First Moon Circle Facilitator in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. She is the mother of two amazing girls, a Clinical Psychologist, holistic therapist, Hypnotherapist, Trauma Informed clinical in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Energy, Frequency, Emotion Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Reiki practitioner. Brooke loves all things ‘low tox living’ and nourishing the mind, body and spirit.

Sarah Fairley – Sydney, NSW, AUS

Sarah Fairley is a First Moon Circle facilitator located in Sydney’s northern suburbs.

A multi-passionate, bubbly and energetic being, Sarah balances her time between loving on her four beautiful children, leading the wellbeing of her corporate team as Head of People and Culture along with nurturing and connecting women through her wellness and events company, The Bloome Co.

Sarah is committed to educating, empowering and celebrating women of all ages, facilitating a journey of discovery and a remembering of who they are outside of their myriad roles, via self-care, rites of passage celebration, connection and self-development.

It’s such an honour for Sarah to hold space for young girls and their mothers to experience together the magic and power of a First Moon Circle

Shivani Mohta Jobanputra – Sri Lanka, South Asia

Coming from a background in Psychology and Counseling, Shivani is a certified Youth Mentor and Life Coach, who is deeply invested in creating safer, supportive, brave spaces for young people. With a passion for mindfulness, creative thinking and resilience, her work focuses on self-compassion, empathy, community and communication. As someone who navigated a difficult menarche and fought cultural taboos to develop an empowered attitude towards menstruation, she is dedicated to now empowering young people to celebrate the magic of menstruation in inclusive, compassionate, and joyful ways.

Kathleen Adilapuram – Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Kathleen is a Mom of two, a Birth Doula and Coach, Childbirth Educator, Reiki 2 Certified, Circle Facilitator, and lover of natural and holistic ways of healing. With a holistic and mindful approach, she helps mothers prenatally to overcome their fears. anxiety, and uncertainty so that they can have the transformational birth they desire. In addition to working with mothers, Kathleen is working to help educate women about menstrual cycle awareness for better mental and physical health. She also holds a special place in her heart for the South East Asian birth and women’s rights community after living in India for 9 years and being a part of an Indian family. She looks forward to empowering girls during the sensitive years of puberty so that they can grow to be women who are more in love and in touch with their female bodies.