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Bridget Williams – NSW Au

Bridget Williams is a dedicated First Moon Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, and educator based on the stunning Gold Coast in Queensland. With a profound commitment to empowering young females, Bridget channels her passion for hormone health, movement, and the mind-body connection into transformative programs for tweens and teens. As a mother of two, Bridget intimately understands the significance of nurturing young minds and bodies during their formative years. Her journey as a parent has fuelled her dedication to providing adolescents with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate life with confidence and resilience. With a holistic approach to wellness, Bridget incorporates her expertise in yoga, Reiki, and adolescent psychology into her programs, creating a safe and nurturing space for growth and self-discovery. Through her teachings, she instils in her students a deep understanding of their bodies, minds, and emotions, empowering them to cultivate a harmonious relationship with themselves and the world around them. Bridget’s relentless pursuit of knowledge and growth drives her to continuously evolve her practice, delving into the realms of women’s hormone health and eastern teachings. By weaving together ancient wisdom with modern insights, she equips young girls with the wisdom and tools they need to embody their authentic selves and thrive in today’s world. 

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