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Carrie Sirry – London, UK

Carrie is an experienced Midwife, Birth Educator, Women’s Circle Facilitator and Founder of Seasons of Womanhood. She is also a Mother of two boys. With a professional background in Midwifery, she has spent the last 16 years committed to offering holistic support to women & families in London & Hertfordshire in the UK and also online.

Through teaching birth education & Hypnobirthing for more than a decade, Carrie realised that comprehensive menstrual cycle education was the initiation that has been missing for so many of us and this has led to ever-increasing rates of birth intervention and trauma we are currently seeing.

She passionately believes that the cure for this is timely holistic menstrual cycle education for girls before or around the time they move into womanhood. Via Seasons of Womanhood, Carrie offers a range of workshops, circles & one-to-one sessions about the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, birth and motherhood to women & girls.

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