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Cara Hutton – Imbil, QLD, Australia

Cara Hutton is a First Moon Circle Facilitator located in Imbil, south of Gympie, QLD. Cara is a Reiki Practitioner, Advanced Crystal Healer, Certified Women’s Circle Facilitator living on Gubbi Gubbi land surrounded by a farm of animals and her tribe of humans.

Kelly Cleo Shaw – Bokarina QLD, Australia

Kelly Cleo Shaw is a First Moon Circle Facilitator located in Bokarina. Ending menstrual shame is very important to me. Ensuring young girls have all the tools and are confident within themselves to navigate this space in a positive way. That it is not shameful, but rather that it is their SUPER POWER!

Lara Williams – Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia

Lara Williams is a First Moon Circle Facilitator located in Hervey Bay. Lara from Attuned Caring has a huge vision. A vision of creating generations of Attuned Youth. Teaching and guiding those responsible for caring for children and youth how listen to their bodies, how to regulate their nervous systems and how to use energy and emotions to overcome any barriers to their relationships so they can experience unconditional love and joy.

Christie Louise – Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia

Christie is passionate about empowering anyone who identifies as female through Menarche (the first period), the transition to becoming a young woman and teaching Menstrual Cycle Awareness. As a Rites […]

Alisha Faye – Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

Alisha Faye is the Creatrix of Sacred Sync™, Yoni Priestess, Womb Healer, Rite of Passage Facilitator and Women’s Wellbeing Coach for the awakened woman. She is also a mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend. Through Womb & Menstrual Health Education, Somatic Healing, Embodiment and Tantra, Alisha is devoted to helping women reconnect to their Yoni by softening into their sensual body, reclaiming and rebirthing the primal, wild, wise, erotic, woman they are longing to be.

Kim Darby – Cairns and Far North QLD, Australia

Kim is the founder of Yaya Sisterhood, a nurturing, safe and fun space that has been created for young girls to come together to explore the sanctity of true sisterhood, reminding them that they are NOT alone; while equipping themselves with self-awareness tools that will leave them feeling empowered!

Rowena Hobbins – Gold Coast QLD, Australia

Rowena Hobbins is a First Moon Circle Facilitator located on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. An Intuitive Life Coach, Sacred Women’s Circle Holder, and mama of three, Rowena is passionate about honouring the rites of passages from menarche in her First Moon Circles, to motherhood in her sacred women’s circles.

To enquire about a circle with Rowena, you can find out more information and contact her at:


Brooke Tumbers – Toowoomba, QLD, AUS

Brooke Tumbers is a First Moon Circle Facilitator in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. She is the mother of two amazing girls, a Clinical Psychologist, holistic therapist, Hypnotherapist, Trauma Informed clinical in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Energy, Frequency, Emotion Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Reiki practitioner. Brooke loves all things ‘low tox living’ and nourishing the mind, body and spirit.