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Christie Louise – Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia

Christie is passionate about empowering anyone who identifies as female through Menarche (the first period), the transition to becoming a young woman and teaching Menstrual Cycle Awareness.

As a Rites of Passage events Creatrix, Women’s Circle and Space Holder, Christie brings her love of creating meaningful events and Rites of Passage celebrations into the mainstream arena.

She believes that all Rites of Passage, including Menarche, should be approached differently. Through the decades wisdom has been lost, Christie feels this wisdom should be shared far and wide to cultivate sisterhood, connection and stronger community bonds.

Becoming a mum to Sofia, a confident, wild and fiercely loving 2 year old has cultivated Christie’s life purpose. She supports, not only Sofia, but all women and their daughters in becoming strong, deeply connected and empowered women.

She believes strongly that nourishing and strengthening all Mother Daughter bonds is the gateway to collective healing. Christie is devoted to ushering in a New Earth where Maiden & Mothers are truly honoured, grounded & empowered in their roles as women.

To enquire about a circle with Christie, you can find out more information and contact her at:

Christie is relocating to the Sunshine Coast QLD in 2022 

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