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Elizabeth Tidwell – Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Elizabeth Tidwell is a womb guide & cycles coach in Utah, USA. She is the mother of a young daughter and loves living near the mountains.

Elizabeth works with both kids and adults to claim their natural cycle superpowers and rewrite the cultural narrative around menstruation. She is so passionate about this work because she knows what it’s like to live decades of her life very disconnected from her body, carrying shame around her femininity, her cycle, and more. When she discovered the power of menstrual cycle awareness in 2021, she immediately knew she wanted to help others transform their relationships with themselves through deepening their connection with their cyclical bodies.

Now she works as a menstrual cycle educator for groups and a womb guide for individuals looking for deeply personal exploration and reclamation.

Elizabeth especially loves teaching children, thanks to her background in university education, nannying, and now as a mother. She loves the curiosity, openness, and playfulness children bring to First Moon Circles, and deeply values making space for their unique insights, experiences, and needs. She considers it an honor to meet children at this vital rite of passage and guide them tenderly to their own inherent power and wisdom, setting them up for a future rooted in self-confidence and self-compassion. She holds First Moon Circles in Utah County and Salt Lake County. Book your spot at and connect on Instagram @myclubred.

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