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Bokarina, QLD (AUS) with Kelly Shaw

November 27, 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

First Moon’ refers to the very first period (menarche). A ‘First Moon Circle’ is a group education and celebration of this very important and powerful rite of passage.

Your daughter will love this beautiful workshop where she can learn all about how she can look after herself as she grows up. Covering self-care, and teaching her how to get the best out of her superpowers as she begins her cycle, First Moon Circles are proving a fun and enjoyable way for girls to learn, play, and feel supported at a pivotal time in their lives.

“I got to learn all about my period and body parts for when I need it and so I can talk about it without being embarrassed.” – child participant

“My 11 yr old daughter just did a First Moon Circle and got so much out of the event. Her and her friends have a support group now, thank you.” – Parent

“It was so worthwhile doing and my daughter is now not embarrassed to talk to me about these issues so I can’t thank you enough for hosting these sessions” – Parent

Your child will receive an amazing gift bag with eco friendly period products and her own beaded bracelet that she’ll make in the session to remind her of what she learns. Plus she’ll get to keep a 22-page booklet that explains all the knowledge and wisdom she’ll need to support her through puberty and into adulthood. Mums, you’ll probably learn something in this too.

The final part of this session is a beautiful Mother-Daughter celebration where you can gift your child advice, wishes and show her you’re supporting her as she grows up.

Tickets available include concessions and bring-a-friend bundle

Who are these events suitable for?

This First Moon Circle is perfect for girls aged 9-12. Whether she has started her period in the last 1-2 years, hasn’t bled yet, or if any of her friends have – this is the perfect opportunity to girls to feel proud, gain knowledge, become empowered and know how to support herself physically, emotionally and spiritually as she enters womanhood.

**These events are inclusive and safe spaces for all people. It is open to people with periods who wish to learn how to support their wellbeing during puberty, including those identifying as gender diverse and trans, Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, people living with disability and other minority identities. You are welcome here.**

What’s involved?

We start with a 2h experience just for the girls to come together, have fun, be silly, make new friends, and learn accurate information about what’s happening to their physical body, as well as their emotional and spiritual selves as they approach and encounter menarche (the first period, or first moon).

During this time we’ll talk about all the physical changes girls encounter, what’s normal and not so normal, we’ll talk self-care and hygiene, and how to handle surprise blood (because you just know they’ll be at school or on camp when it arrives!).

We’ll also get hands on and playful with natural, healthy and organic sanitary items such as pads and liners, moon cups, tampons and period undies, helping girls get really comfortable with the products and relaxed about caring for themselves gently around their first moon time.

After the girls session, you, her Mother, Grandmother, or guardian are then invited to join us for a short afternoon tea to celebrate this beautiful rite of passage and to pave the way for you and your daughter be able to speak freely, comfortably and openly at home over the months to come.

We’ll bead a bracelet to help the girls understand the concept of a monthly cycle, and to remind them of this day for years to come. I’ll lead the girls on a gentle facilitated Q&A, before Mums/Nanas/Carers are invited to join us for a short celebratory afternoon tea to share what the girls have discovered, whilst the elders are invited to share positive guidance and beautiful wishes they have for the girls in their lifetime.

Each participant will leave feeling more confident in their knowledge of what’s to come, what the sanitary and self-care options open to them are based on their personal preference, and very importantly, an open channel to discuss periods and puberty (and who knows what else!) with their family afterwards. If friends attend together, then of course they gain the added benefit of sisterhood, having this shared experience to refer back to, and to share wisdom with their other friends.

Each participant will receive:

  • A take-home gift bag featuring her own ‘moon kit’ (a combination of sanitary samples,and beautiful self-care items to remind her of this special day)
  • A 22 page keepsake guidebook full of the wisdom and knowledge she’ll need to see her through puberty.
  • Plus her own handmade beaded bracelet to remind her of the magic of her cycle and self-care.

Once you book your child to attend, I’ll send you some information to prepare you, the parent/guardian, ahead of the day, as well as to help you prepare your daughter for what to expect. I’ll also share guidance with you on how to prepare your positive guidance that you want to share with your daughter on the day, which in turn will support you to keep this open conversation going at home.


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232 Oceanic Drive Bokarina, QLD 4575