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Dundee, Scotland with Lacey Irvine

March 17 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

First Moon Circles are a unique experience for mothers/care givers and daughters/ loved ones (ideally aged 9-12, however age range can be 8-15), to gather and sit “in circle” to celebrate Menarche (first period) and this very important rite of passage. The term “first moon” for 2 reasons; moon or lunar cycles, coincided with women’s menstrual cycles, before the Industrial Revolution and were referred to as a woman’s “moon time“. “First moon” alludes to the very first period that a girl experiences, exemplifying her transition to womanhood.

First moon circles offer a safe and inclusive space, with a relaxed atmosphere to learn about puberty and periods. While mainstream period education may only focus on the period itself and blood catching products, first moon circles include education and empowerment through ALL four phases of the menstrual cycle and the changes from puberty and beyond. Empowering and teaching not just the physical but the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the whole cycle to help children embrace and be proud of their bodies’ amazing abilities and the blessing of being able to release and let go each month. Opening lines of comminication and buidling strong family foundations as well as, breaking generational shame and trauma associated with periods.

This 3 hour circle is broken into 2 halves, mothers/care givers will sign in daughters/loved ones and leave them in faciliator’s care for first half and join later for second half.

First half

Children will have 1.5 hours of fun and interactive learning and a chance to play with period products. As the environment is less formal, they can express themselves freely, develop a close sisterhood bond with others, share concerns or anxieties about puberty, periods or products and ask the “embarrassing” or “awkward” questions that they may not have had confidence to ask an adult before. Refreshments/snacks provided throughout.

What your child will learn:

  • What puberty is, what happens during this stage of development and what changes they can expect to notice, sense and feel physically and emotionally.
  • An introduction to the female body, hormones, and the reproductive system.
  • What the menstrual cycle is and why we have one including introduction to the 4 phases and ovulation.
  • What periods are and why we have them​.
  • Signs and clues that the period may start soon.
  • What to expect with the first period, and subsequent periods.
  • Extensive and diverse period product play and familiarity.
  • Why using body sensitive and earth-friendly period products is important.
  • How to talk about periods: who to talk to, where/who to go to for help, and how to be prepared.
  • Colouring in and snacks provided in session.
  • How to see and experience periods as a normal and healthy part of life.

Second Half

Mothers/care givers, join us for a further 1.5 hours to learn more about cycle awareness and self-care throughout the menstrual cycle, as well as a beading ritual and sharing their experience of their own menarche and passing on positive words of wisdom. This part is a blessing and is healing for those who attend, their lineage and begins to release lifetimes of generational shame and trauma associated with periods. A celebratory afternoon tea is enjoyed as we share and learn from our experiences.

Receive an introduction to:

  • Cycle Awareness (remember, the period is just 1 phase of a 4 phase cycle!): how each phase affects energy, feelings (moods), and needs across the month.
  • Menstrual cycle self-care for each phase (this can be applied to your own cycle and/or life stage too).
  • The relationship between the menstrual cycle & the moon cycle
  • How cycle awareness can reduce menstrual cycle symptoms such as PMS, period pain, moodiness etc.
  • Learn what a normal healthy menstrual cycle and period look like during adolescence.
  • Discover the 4 main lifestyle factors that influence menstrual cycle health and how to support these.
  • Receive an introduction and practical example of paper and pen cycle charting and why this practice is so important for teens and mums.
  • Mothers/caregiver share wisdom, experiences, share stories or wishes with everyone present, which helps the girls feel supported and remember that they are not alone, reduces menstrual taboo/shame and increases period positivity.
  • Make a special crystal bracelet that symbolises the four phases of the menstrual cycle and acts as a keepsake of this special celebration.

Includes: Gift bag with lots of useful products, journal/pen and First Moon Guide.

This is a beautiful bonding experience for mother/care giver and daughter/loved one will always be remembered with positive and lifelong benefits.

Open circles will be small with minimum of 4/maximum of 5 attendees & will be held from facilitators home in Dundee. Address will be given upon booking.

Private circles (hosted at private home or venue booked by host) require minimium of 5 attendees. Cost of travel may be added accordingly.  


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March 17
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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Lacey Irvine


Dundee, Scotland
Dundee, Scotland + Google Map