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The First Moon Circle is perfect for girls/children aged 9-12, whether she has started her period in the last 1-2 years, has’t bled yet, or if any of her friends have. A First Moon Circle is the perfect opportunity to encourage children to feel informed, be confident, learn to be proud of their body and themselves, and have lots of tools for self-care and self-awareness as they move through puberty and beyond.

First Moon Circles are inclusive spaces suitable for children who will have a female puberty and menstrual cycle, even if they don’t identify as she/her. This circle welcomes children who are non-binary and are trans-males if they wish to learn about how their body works, and to have tools to embrace their developing cyclic nature.

This circle welcomes children who hold other marginalised identities related to race, sexuality and ability and I can accommodate your child’s needs to help them have a safer experience. If you have any questions regarding this please contact me to discuss before booking for the circle.

28th July 4-7pm IST


Venue – Defence Colony, New Delhi