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Colombo (Sri Lanka) with Shivani Jobanputra

First Moon Circle® is all about empowering girls with positive period knowledge and instilling pride in their female cycles and inner wisdom, at around the time of their first period (menarche). Gifting wisdom, confidence and self-care tools to support girls towards happy, healthy entry to menstruation and puberty. Bookings Book or find out more at […]

Fathers Day Dad’s and daughters First Moon Circle with Sharon Woolley (Tasmania, AUS)

Launceston Campbell St, Launceston, Tasmania

Dads of young girls....

Father's Day Event: This is a special opportunity for Dad's, single dad's, uncles, & male carer's to come and learn all about periods & the menstrual cycle inner seasons - or in other words, how the menstrual cycle effects how your daughter feels all month long. This knowledge helps you to connect with & support your daughter & get comfortable talking about 'moods', periods and cycles.

Learning about the inner seasons is a favourite part of our first moon circles for parent and child and gives you both knowledge and tools to have your daughter feeling her best all cycle long. This is also a huge opportunity to impart body wisdom and empower her so that she can start integrating this wisdom now, before any potential problems start.

This is a great way to break the ice and get the conversation going at the same time as celebrating menarche (first period). Normalising conversation, reducing period shame and celebrating rites of passage empower and gift young girls self worth, and bringing men into this arena certainly reinforces that periods are normal and no longer need to be secret and hidden.

Crowborough (UK) with Beth Moxon

First Moon Circles are a beautiful and empowering alternative to traditional period education featuring craft, conversations and a special parent-child celebration that educate children to thrive during puberty and the rite of passage of menarche (their first period). These informative, fun and inclusive spaces share wisdom, support, and foster community around young people, and their […]

Launceston, Tasmania (AUS) with Sharon Woolley

Launceston Campbell St, Launceston, Tasmania

Mums, Aunts, Grandmothers and carers of young girls.... Gifting girls across Tasmania with holistic menstrual cycle wisdom, confidence and practical tools to support a happy, positive and healthy experience of menstruation and puberty. This is a beautiful, empowering alternative to traditional and school based period education featuring craft, conversations, a very special parent/carer-daughter celebration, and […]

Pennant Hills NSW (AUS) with Sarah Fairley

Lillian Fraser Garden Cnr Bellamy And, Laurence St,, Pennant Hills, NSW

The First Moon Circle Event Program Part 1 - Periods, Puberty and Cycles (Girls only) A two-hour experience where the girls come together to have fun and make new friends all while learning accurate information about what's happening to them physically and emotionally as they move through puberty and experience their first period.   Here […]