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At first moon circle school we train people to confidently share holistic period and puberty education in a positive, empowering and special events called a first moon circle. 

Hi I’m Charlotte Pointeaux, the Founder of First Moon Circle School which trains women to confidently share holistic period and puberty education in a positive, empowering and special event called a First Moon Circle. 
I’ve been hosting workshops and circles for young people for over a decade, and in 2019, I brought all my passions for menstrual cycle awareness, and giving back to children the kind of guidance I craved as a young person, I used my education program design and facilitation skills, and added into the cauldron my experience and capacity as an internationally award winning menstrual cycle coach and circle keeper, to create First Moon Circles events for 9-12 year olds. 
I’m so excited to share with you my approach to being able to confidently create nurturing, powerful experiences that help lots of children really understand how their body, feelings and sense of selves is changing during pubescence, in an age-appropriate, supportive and inclusive way.  
in this 3 part mini series I’m answering the most commonly asked questions I get from women who want to share with children what they missed out on, by doing menstrual cycle education. I’ll be giving you tips and best practice to get out there and join the period positive movement yourself! 


Check back here over the next few days as I’ll have new videos going much deeper to answer your questions, give you loads of tips, and essential things to consider if you want to support children in this way!
Be sure to leave your comments, questions and reflections, so I know you’ve watched, and so I can get back to you! 
With love
Charlotte Pointeaux 

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Our 3 month online training begins in May and places are being filled on a first come first serve basis. We would love to welcome you and take you on our deeply immersive training which helps you:

part 1: creating safe, sacred spaces

turn closed captions on by pressing the CC button on the video screen

Part 1 of 3 in this mini series is all about how you can set up safe, nurturing spaces to help children open up to want to learn about periods. 
So you’ve discovered menstrual cycle awareness and want to give children a more informed, empowered start to their periods than you had? You’re in the right place! But to make sure that we are sharing the right info in a truly positive way we need to understand what makes a positive environment! I’m sharing:
  1. How we can pass on cycle wisdom to children at the beginning of their menstrual cycle years, rather than them needing to figure it out 20 years later after lots of suffering and disconnection,
  2. What information children need to know, and how we can go above and beyond what’s missing in the mainstream education these days, 
  3. The types of space you can set up, and why we gather in a circle, rather than a classroom structure.
  4. How can can help children feel safe, open and ready to have what may be potentially awkward conversations about periods and puberty. 

    Now it’s your turn! I want to know more about you. What does being able to share holistic positive period knowledge in empowering spaces mean to you? 
    Share in the comments below and if you enjoyed this, don’t forget to hit the like button below…

Thanks so much for watching!

Charlotte xxx

part 2: menstrual education for children

turn closed captions on by pressing the CC button on the video screen

Part 2 of the mini series shares with you our approach to helping children to understand what’s going on for them during puberty, and once they have their first period.
As adults we may be learning menstrual cycle awareness but its a tricky topic to teach children in a memorable, relevant way, that also is age and developmentally appropriate, and is inclusive of different experiences of menstruation. I’m sharing how we at first moon circle school do just that, including:
  • Using nature as clues for how to understand their changing energies, needs and capacity across the different phases of the menstrual cycle,
  • Encouraging mums and caregivers and their children to cycle chart together,
  • What children are ready for learning and how they can learn developmentally at ages 9-12,
  • Where we stand on including sex, sexuality and fertility awareness in the first period education (first moon circles)
  • The need to appreciate that different children have different experiences of puberty and the challenges that can come with this in doing menstrual education.
  •  and more! 
Watch along, take some notes, and leave your comments and questions in the chat for us to support you! Thanks for watching, and if you missed part 1, scroll down to catch up now!

part 3: How to share and fill your circles with ease

Play Video

turn closed captions on by pressing the CC button on the video screen. 

Lastly, part 3 is all about gathering your community around and confidently talking about periods!
If the idea of actually putting everything you know into practice feels scary then I totally hear you. Putting together that first circle is a big deal and you deserve to be fully supported through it!
Trust me it is so normal to feel doubts about whether anyone will come, but what we know is that there is a tried and true formula to getting your menstrual work out into the world, and attracting the right families to attend. 
In this video I’m sharing how things you must know to confidently and skilfully organise and promote your circles including:
  • who you are promoting to
  • when to start talking about your work
  • what to say in your promotion
  • the importance of having a support squad around you, 
  • mindset work, and the most common limiting beliefs people have about their capacity to follow through and put their knowledge into action.
This is the final piece of the puzzle and I know this will help you so don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and feedback below!!
Charlotte xx

4 Responses

  1. Im a Mum of an 8 year old daughter who attends a Steiner school who strongly follow rhythm and Seasons.
    I myself have a background in Steiner education and believe this would be an added bonus to the corriculum within the schools.
    I also have worked for many years with mums and bubs in many ways sometimes helping with women and their IVF journey.
    In my young 20s I learnt about my own bodies rhythms through the book Natural fertility and over the year have shared many copies with family and friends.
    Im excited to consciously beinh part of this journey with my Daughter.
    Thanks Tasha M

    1. Hi Tasha, thanks so much for sharing here! I’m a Steiner mum too and really love also that they follow the seasons and rhythms, it’s brilliant isn’t it, to have the children appreciating these cycles already, and to be held in ways that honour the inhales and exhales etc. I too really think this would be fab in Steiner schools, and all schools, and I have lots of Steiner families who come to my local First Moon Circles because they really get why this is important. We have lots of facilitators who are going into schools to teach this work too now, which is great. If only it was just on the curriculum more fully! I love that you’re the sharer of these ideas and wisdom, so it makes you the perfect person to host these experiences too! I’m so excited that you are consciously doing this with your daughter too. Charlotte 🥰

  2. I love that there is room to do circlrs for boys and husbands also as if they are living with females they are often hyper aware of these times and be hugely affectected.
    Cant wait to hear more.

    1. I hear you on this! It is so important that everyone learns as they can be great allies, and they also need to know, because like you say it does affect everyone! The more we can normalise menstruation as a positive experience, the better for all, and the more support menstruating people will have. How good would it be to see children in schools, people in the workplace, social groups and beyond all normalising and supporting people to flow with their cyclic energies and get the help they need. Exciting! It’s also how we eradicate menstrual shame and taboo, because it exists because people fear menstruation because they don’t understand it – or know it holds power and want to deny that! I could talk about this for days…. thanks for your great comment Tash. Charlotte

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