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My name is Kelly, I am a mother of two living on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful Queensland, Australia. I am originally from New Zealand’s North Island and moved to Australia in 2012.

I created Little Alchemiss First Moon Circles to have a safe space for young girls to come together for period positive education & guidance as they embark on their womanhood journey.

When my daughter Raquel started entering her tween years, I knew it was time to equip myself with the knowledge & wisdom I needed to educate and guide her into menarche (her first period).  And help prepare her for the beautiful journey of becoming a young woman.

Growing up in a small town in New Zealand I didn’t have access to the kind of information we have today regarding menstrual health and wellbeing. The mainstream education system also failed to teach us everything we needed to know about the 4 phases of our full menstrual cycle. They only touched on the phase when we bleed.

Early 2022 I completed my studies with Charlotte Pointeaux in her First Moon Circle Facilitator Training Course.

This training uncovered a wealth of new knowledge for me and also assisted in deep healing of my own childhood experiences surrounding my menarche and menstrual cycle.

I am here to be the change I want to see in the world. To give young girls the guidance and support they need during one of the most important transitions in their lifetime! 

Ending menstrual shame is very important to me. Ensuring young girls have all the tools and are confident within themselves to navigate this space in a positive way. That it is not shameful, but rather that it is their SUPER POWER!

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