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Nicole Dargie – South Sydney, NSW Australia

Hey there! I’m a mum if two teen kids, a First Moon Circle Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Youth Mentor and podcaster on The Empowerment Project Podcast.

My passion is to empower teens, tweens, women and men to be the best version of themselves inside and out. I help kids realize self worth and validate who they are so they may shine that light in their world.

I facilitate courses called Inside Out Beauty that focus on positive self image, self love, mental physical and spiritual wellbeing.

I simply hold the space and provide the opportunity for you to reconnect with yourself and each other, for a better life and community.

It is my mission to help people raise their vibration and grow their consciousness so there is more unity and self awareness to create positive relationships in a changing world. It’s time to go within and discover the amazing power that was always there.

 To enquire about a circle with Nicole, you can find out more information and contact her at:




Facebook: Inside Out Yoga

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