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Penny Perrin – Cape Town, South Africa

Penny Perrin is a First Moon Facilitator located in Cape Town, South Africa

Hi, I’m Penny – the founder of Hello, me! Mentoring where the focus is on creating fun learning experiences for tweens and teens that inspire, educate and empower.
I am the proud mom of two almost grown-up daughters, a loving daughter and sister and a very lucky friend.
After an eclectic and adventurous career and academic path, I can lay claim to a patchwork quilt of qualifications and experience that include a number of degrees, diplomas and certificates and decades of working with families and young people in many different places. These days I am fortunate enough to be able to have a career that includes formal teaching, parent coaching and youth mentoring.
I am passionate about honouring and marking the rites of passage in women’s lives; and holding the space for celebration, learning and laughter in First Moon Circles allows me to offer an empowering experience that encourages girls to embrace their changing bodies with knowledge, pride and love.

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