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Rea Högbacka – Leväsjoki, Siikainen, Finland

Rea is a mother of five living in Finland. She is a nurse, a RYT-300 yoga teacher, a volunteer worker at the local museum and a member of her municipals government.

She loves nature, moving her body, reading books, writing, painting, glass art and all other forms of self-expression.


Rea is a warrior of both Endometriosis and PMDD knowing all too well the shadow side of her cycle. She found cyclical living through Charlotte and her life has never been the same since. Now she is enjoying her cycle and managing her conditions in a way she never thought possible. This made her passionet about teaching this information to other girls and women and taking period and cycle education on another level. Through first moon circle facilitator training she is now able to do just that.

Come join her beautiful, heartfelt circles where she teaches about the magic in our cycle and our period. Her circles are full of laughter, fun and playful aspects making it as easy as possible to talk about this shamed topic and giving it the light and respect it deserves.


Rea’s First Moon Circles take place in Leväsjoki and the surrounding areas in Satakunta. Don’t hesitate to contact her by email or IG message for more info on the upcoming circles or book one just for your child and her friends. 

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