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Hey parents,

We’ve put together some resources to help you find out more about how to talk to your child about their changing body and menstrual cycle. Whether you can attend a First Moon Circle or not, our hope is that you’ll feel confident to have conversations with your child, and to prepare, support and celebrate their big milestone of Menarche, their first period rite of passage, as well as to understand and honour your own cycle too.


First Moon Circle Guide

This booklet is given to each participant at our First Moon Circles. If you’re not able to attend a circle, you can purchase this ebook to read for yourself, and to read with your child. Featuring age-appropriate explanations of what puberty, periods, care products, and cycle self-care are, plus cycle charts, discount codes on period products and so much more, this guide goes way beyond what’s covered in school, whilst keeping it light and simple to understand.


How to pick the right period care product for you and your child

There are so many period care products on the market these days, and not all of them are as healthy and safe as the others, so it can be a bit unsettling trying to work out where the best place to start is nowadays. From pads and liners, to tampons, to moon cups and period pants, there is a lot to choose from. So how do you know what to look for?



How To Get Children Excited About Periods with Beth Moxon (Wild Flow Podcast)

Creator of First Moon Circles, Charlotte Pointeaux, is host of Wild Flow Podcast. On this episode she chatted with First Moon Circle Facilitator Beth Moxon, who is a Cycle Coach, Teacher-Trainer and Period fan!
Beth channels her inner fire to ensure that menstrual shame is a thing of the past. She is a powerhouse who is educating her own community through holding First Moon Circles, and is starting big conversations on TikTok where a huge proportion of children now receive their menstrual education. In today’s podcast, Beth and I get together as two women on a mission, chatting about:
  • The different ‘tell’ signs our bodies give us 24h before we start bleeding,
  • Why Beth doesn’t believe in resting for the whole period, how she shows up for a podcast on Cycle Day 2, and how she supports herself through it instead,
  • Beth’s story and journey to doing the amazing work she does today,
  • Her perspective of the (UK) school period education guidelines, the limitations schools are under, changing the perspective that schools need to cover it all, and how she is stepping up to contribute another layering of education for children and parents.
  • Her vision for children and the right she believes all children have to a high quality, empowering menstrual education,
  • The power of language, and how we perpetuate menstrual shame without realising it through the words we use, and much more!

online class

Find Your Flow: learn to live your best menstrual cycle ever!

Would you love to understand your own cyclical nature so you can role-model period-positivity and cyclical self-care to your child?
Charlotte Pointeaux, the Founder of First Moon Circles is an Internationally Award-Winning Cycle Coach, and she invites you to take her short online class guiding you to uncover, honour and live your best menstrual cycle experience ever!
Featuring 5x videos with accompanying workbooks, worksheets and practical tools for daily use, you’ll understand your own cyclic powers and challenges, map out cyclic self-care for each phase and learn to cycle-sync like a goddess. Demystify why you feel the way you do across the month and find your flow!


Raising Period Positive Kids Begins With Healing Yourself with Giselle Pitt (Wild Flow Podcast)

Giselle Pitt is one of our original First Moon Circle Facilitators, and is mad passionate about raising her own three daughters and son to be period- positive. In their house, conversations about where in their cycles each person in, and what they need, is an everyday occurrence. 

In our conversation Giselle shares that it was far from always being this way, and that it was her eldest daughter’s struggles with menstrual problems that prompted Giselle to learn from scratch all things cycle awareness. When she joined our First Moon Circle Facilitator Training  she realised that to really empower and educate her own children, and give them the positive, prepared experience she missed out on as a 12 year old, Giselle would have to first look at her own relationship to her body, womb and cycle. 


teas and cacaos for your cycle

Naturopathically formulated by Cycle Coach and First Moon Circle Facilitator Sharon Woolley using high quality organic ingredients, her Cycle Teas and Hot Chocolates range naturally and gently optimises your menstrual cycle and nourishes you during each stages of life from Menarche to Menopause and beyond.
​Sharon’s special combinations of loose-leaf teas and organic cacaos have been blended with age and life-stage-appropriate herbs, nutritives and adaptogens to invite you into your restful moon cave, gently inspire you and allow you to nurture your senses, helping you to reconnect with your inner self.
The Cycle Tea range includes: Soothe, Genius, T-clear, Refresh, Sleepy, Replenish plus her Women’s and Child’s Moontime Hot Chocolates which offer benefits including:
Calming your nervous system,
Balancing blood sugar,
Supporting liver function and detoxification,
Nourishing your adrenals,
Addressing symptoms such as pain, heavy bleeding, hot flushes, sleeplessness, excess testosterone, irritability, PMS, brain fog, weight management and more…​
All you need to do is boil the kettle, infuse, and enjoy a moment of mindfulness and relaxation, and let the tea do the healing.


First period care: blossom box

The blossom box has been created for tweens and teens, supporting those first few years of their periods or in preparation, before their first period has arrived.
Either way the blossom box will be a perfect addition to this exciting stage of life. It doesn’t have to be scary or embarrassing, the blossom box displays how this can be a positive experience.
Mindfully selecting all our faves products that will help navigate this special time, many of which have been handmade & all with the added intention of kindness to the body & planet.
What’s in the box:
  • Bamboo Babe Pads 12 pack
  • Love Luna Briefs – sized 8-10 and 10-12
  • Bare & Boho Reusable Pad
  • Kiwi Wheat Bag
  • Panna Soap
  • Panna Bath Bomb
  • Hurraw Lip Balm
  • Essential Oil Roller
  • Moonstone
  • Rose Quartz
  • Journal & Pen
  • 2x Chocolate Bars
  • 2x Pukka Teas
  • Guide to Periods
  • Cycle Tracker
  • Washing Guide – Briefs & Pads
  • Welcome Letter


Reading List of useful books for Mothers and Carers

Looking for some great books and resources so you can learn about the menstrual cycle, puberty, and how you can honour your child’s Menarche (first period?).
We’re sharing the suggested reading list from our First Moon Circle Facilitator Training with you, so you can read up and learn all about menstrual cycle awareness, inclusive periods, overcoming menstrual shame and other important info! Download the free PDF here.


A Mother's Guide to Menarche as a Sacred Rite of Passage (Wild Flow Podcast)

Creator of First Moon Circles, Charlotte Pointeaux, is host of Wild Flow Podcast. On this episode she chatted with Donna Raymond, author of the book Maiden: A Mother’s Guide to Puberty and Menarche as a Sacred Rite of Passage.
You’ll hear how you can support and celebrate your child at this important time of both of your lives, even if your child isn’t initially open to the idea. Plus how you can connect with your own menarche experience to heal any feelings and shame you hold about it. 


Parenting And Periods: How to Cycle Sync Family Life with Sarah Starrs (Wild Flow Podcast)

Creator of First Moon Circles, Charlotte Pointeaux, is host of Wild Flow Podcast. In this episode she chatted with Sarah Starrs about how to manage family life around the reality of your menstrual cycle. 
Join Charlotte and Sarah as they share their experiences of parenting and periods, and their tips for finding more ease, joy, and connection through cycle awareness, plus how to talk to your kids about the magick of your period.