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Rosy Ramirez – Fort Myers, Florida, USA

Rosy Ramirez is a passionate and dedicated First Moon Circle Facilitator, mental health counselor, and yoga teacher based in Florida. As a mother of three children and a native of the Dominican Republic, Rosy brings a rich cultural background and a deep understanding of the importance of holistic well-being.

Professionally, Rosy works in a private practice as a mental health counselor, actively pursuing her license in the state of Florida. She combines her expertise in somatic practices, mindfulness-based techniques, and her background as a yoga teacher to guide individuals towards integration and healing. Rosy conducts yoga classes in Spanish, allowing her to connect with a diverse range of individuals and create inclusive spaces.

Rosy’s passion for supporting women and facilitating healing journeys led her to hold women’s circles focused on womb healing and connection. Drawing from her personal experiences of healing her own womb and ancestral lineage, she believes it is essential to share this knowledge with others. Recognizing the importance of starting this journey from a young age, Rosy also extends her support to girls and their caregivers, fostering a deeper connection to their bodies, womb, and cycles.

With a desire to expand her reach and touch lives beyond her local community, Rosy is open to traveling throughout Florida to hold her circles. She aims to create a safe and nurturing environment where participants can explore self-care practices, embrace their inner seasons, and honor their bodies’ messages.

Rosy’s ultimate goal is to share her wisdom and teachings internationally in Spanish, particularly in her home country, the Dominican Republic. By integrating somatic practices, breathwork, sound healing, and mindfulness into her circles, Rosy provides a holistic approach to support individuals on their healing journeys.

She looks forward to connecting with parents and individuals who are seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their bodies.

Connect with Rosy:

  • To learn more about Rosy’s First Moon Circles, connect with her on Instagram @iamosymabel or @maternidadzen.
  • For direct inquiries and further information, please contact Rosy at

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