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Danni Willow – Torquay, VIC, Australia

Danni Willow is a Parent Educator, Aware Parenting Instructor, former Early Childhood Educator and Primary school teacher, a First Moon Facilitator and holder of sacred space for Mother and women circles and mumma to two beautiful souls. She lives on Waddawurrung country and is passionate about supporting mothers to reclaim all parts of themselves including their bleed time through ritual. As she has worked with mothers for many years, she has started to see the connection between young girls feeling empowered with their menstrual cycles and honouring this Rite of Passage as a beautiful way for young girls to honour and love their bodies. This will then continue to grow and flourish as they become mothers should they choose, and go through the next Rite of Passage once again. Danni’s two daughters inspire her everyday to create a new imprint and story about our bodies, our bleed time and how sacred and special it can feel.

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