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Erin Gregory – Melbourne, Australia

As a Midwife and Nurse for almost 20 years, Erin has supported many Women to embrace and connect with our inner strength and power. But it has been her journey of parenting three incredible young daughters that has left her wondering when we, as girls and women step away from our strong sense of self, connection and intuition (about their bodies, minds and spirits) that left her searching for answers. How and when can we best support our daughters to claim their power? Tune into what their bodies and brains are sharing with them and foster a connection with the sisterhood around them, before the their external environments and relationships begin to challenge their thoughts & beliefs…. And the answer was First Moon Circles. A safe and fun space to ignite their inner knowing, connecting them with practical information about their bodies (so they are the experts about their experience) and their menstruation cycle. Not just ‘blood or period management’ but a true connection with their cycle so they can start from a place of understanding, not fear & disconnect.

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