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Gymea (NSW) with Nicole Dargie

Alasana Level 1, 13 -17 Gymea Bay Road Gymea Alasana Level 1, 13 -17 Gymea Bay Road, Gymea, NSW, Australia

Helping Tweens navigate changes in their livesAre you looking for a course to help you and your tween/teenage daughter to navigate the changes that are coming in her life?Our teenagers are going through so many changed in their lives, the First Moon Circle is a great opportunity for you to have quality one on one […]

Westleigh NSW (AUS) with Sarah Fairley

The Little Bloom Co Westleight, NSW, Australia

Gift your daughter the celebration, education and empowerment you wish you had at menarche.    Not only is she getting to learn all about her incredible body in a fun, safe and creative way, she also gets a beautiful reminder that you, her Mama, are there for her every step of the way.    These […]