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Janine Begley – Devon UK

Janine is a mother to two young girls and is a certified Women’s Circle facilitator, self employed seamstress and a store manager for a health and well-being store.
She has been holding Circles for two years and after hearing a clear intuitive call, Circles found her!

On experiencing her first Circle, a deep remembering occurred to her and there started a deep transformation and a trusted return to sisterhood.

She is intensely passionate about guiding girls positively through menarche and gifting them with thorough menstrual education. Janine holds a strong vision of empowering girls through working with, and understanding their cycles so that they can feel more confident in themselves as they transition through this major rite of passage.

Perhaps if all girls had access to such positive guidance and an early introduction to supportive sisterhood in a safer space; less women would need to heal from poor early experiences later in their lives?

It’s a question Janine returns to time and time again to cement her vision.

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