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Jasmin Slattery – Adelaide, Australia

I’m Jasmin Slattery, better known as Jazz, a Developmental Educator and Therapeutic Mentor with a Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education.

I have also completed accredited Certificates IV in Youth Work and Training and Assessment (TAE) and have worked for more than 10 years supporting children, youth and adults in both government and non-government sectors.

It is so important to know and trust the person behind the ‘formal’ credentials, so here are some fun facts about me:

I have the BIGGEST laugh you’ll most likely ever hear

I call people out on their BS, drop truth bombs and challenge people to stretch their perspectives

I am SUPER PASSIONATE about ALL girls and women having access to sexual education that makes sense to them.

I am a space holder for the journey of intimacy with ourselves and others

I am cheeky, honest and unapologetically myself

I LOVE nature and all things natural, especially a refreshing walk along the beach

I value expression, curiosity, connection and community

I have a love/hate relationship with growth. It’s essential and also bloody scary

I am strong and determined to create change

I know my purpose is to contribute to the lives of others by sharing my gifts and talents of connection and authenticity, whilst supporting girls and women to find theirs.

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