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Jess van Groningen – Goulburn, NSW, Australia

Jess is a certified First Moon Circle facilitator and Youth Mentor. She is the founder of Girl Tribe Goulburn and currently runs wellbeing programs in schools, holiday workshops and retreats for girls in her local community. Jess is passionate about empowering the next generation of women by weaving in her own experience and the various skills she has learnt along the way into the work she does. As a life-long learner, Jess has a background in early childhood education, animal behaviour and training, vet nursing and more recently has completed training in holistic counselling, feminine embodiment, gestalt psychotherapy, eco-therapy and animal assisted therapy. Jess is passionate about the natural world and living an embodied life in-sync with nature. From her property, on Gundungarra Country, she actively cultivates deep connections with the land and animals that surround her. Jess brings this deep connection to nature into her work with others by co-creating safer spaces where folks can be heard, seen and supported.

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