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Lizzie Martinelli – Newcastle, NSW, Australia

I have worked as an English, Drama and Learning Support teacher in high schools across Newcastle and Sydney for almost 20 years and have extensive experience in teaching and curriculum development.

Body Heart Spirit Smart is about affirming powerful girls.​

I know that my ability to form positive connections with our girls , and my influence as a strong role model to them, is where the magic lies! My PASSION for helping young people step into their power and inspiring them to be their own, incredibly unique selves, drives me to create programs for tween and teen girls, to learn about and CELEBRATE themselves, in a space where they can connect with who they are, so they can grow into women who honor their own bodies, ideas, futures and emotions. ​​​

As a mother of two young girls, I am so excited to have learnt about the power of the menstrual cycle and to be able to share this wisdom with the next generation – so they are empowered and able to be aware of the magic they hold within.

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