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Karoline Dassie – Denver, Colorado USA

Karoline is a PASSIONATE advocate for women’s hormone health and encourages menstrual cycle awareness.

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, she now resides in nature-rich Colorado. A 500-hour certified YOGA Instructor and full-time product designer, Karoline promotes living in harmony with infradian and circadian rhythms, HEALING menstrual shame, and embracing WOMB wisdom.

Her MISSION is to empower people to view menstruation as a GIFT, not a curse. And to share tools that help young girls to evolve into women who lead and uplift one another.

Karoline shares a transformative journey, inspired by Alisa Vitti’s book “Woman Code” and her commitment to holistic well-being. Quit birth control in 2017 and naturally BALANCES her hormones, alleviates endometriosis symptoms, and cultivates a connection with her body through yoga, dance, mindful nutrition, exercise, and honoring her womb’s needs to CYCLE-SYNC! Found FIRST MOON CIRCLES in 2022 and quickly jumped on the opportunity to get certified to create positive Menarche (first period ever!) experiences for young people and strengthen parent-child relationships.

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