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Rachael Boehm – Albury, NSW

Rachael is a First Moon Circle Facilitator in Albury. She was called to First Moon Circles to help girls experiencing their first period feel empowered.

Carrie Sirry – London, UK

Carrie is an experienced Midwife, Birth Educator, Women’s Circle Facilitator and Founder of Seasons of Womanhood. She is also a Mother of two boys.

Cara Hutton – Imbil, QLD, Australia

Cara Hutton is a First Moon Circle Facilitator located in Imbil, south of Gympie, QLD. Cara is a Reiki Practitioner, Advanced Crystal Healer, Certified Women’s Circle Facilitator living on Gubbi Gubbi land surrounded by a farm of animals and her tribe of humans.

Karoline Dassie – Denver, Colorado USA

Karoline Dassie is a First Moon Circle Facilitator located in Denver in Colorado. She’s a advocate for women’s hormone health and encourages menstrual cycle awareness.

Nikki Moore – Whangarei, New Zealand

Nikki Moore is a First Moon Circle Facilitator located in Whangarei New Zealand. Nikki endeavours to help girls to know and love themselves so they feel more empowered within themselves on their journey to womanhood.